Payroll Processing Services

Payroll is one of the most critical areas of your business. If your employees don’t get their payments on time, it can cause major challenges and furthermore legal issues. Many larger payroll processors supply a platform but don’t provide the customer service, insight, or assistance that business owners actually require. If there is a payroll issue that arises larger processors can take months if not years to fix these issues if they have the ability in the first place.  

Incorrectly processing your payroll can lead to penalties, fines, class action lawsuits, and even jail time. Business owners can put their faith in FACT Professional Inc because we aren’t simply an automated process. Our firm utilizes up-to-date software while still keeping personalized customer service in mind.  

Our payroll experts aim to keep you updated and informed on payroll law changes, payroll tax changes, garnishments, retirement plans, and more.  

Who will update you on overtime, double time, and other concerns? 

Our payroll experts will review your payroll and confirm you are correctly calculating the various pay rates accurately. This assessment is based on an understanding of your industry and your local region. When there are specific changes or recommendations, we will send them to you directly, ensuring you are always informed.  

Can I pay my employees using direct deposit? 

You have the option to pay via check or direct deposit. However, our firm recommends direct deposit as it supplies a better trail of documentation in case something goes awry.  

What if I have past payroll taxes that I haven’t paid? 

Our firm has successfully managed cases where business owners are liable for prior payroll taxes. If you have received a notice indicating a liability including a lien or levy our firm can assist you in an efficient resolution.  

Please see the payroll tax resolution section to address all questions or concerns in this area.  

Do I need to process payroll if I am the only employee of the business? 

If you are an S-Corporation owner, you must process payroll for yourself before the end of each tax year. Our firm has a separate cost-effective process for calculating and filing end-of-year payroll for S-Corporation owners. Within this process we handle filing all payroll tax returns for the federal and state government, paying payroll taxes, and providing you with any required tax forms for your tax filing.  

How soon can you start processing payroll? 

Once you have been onboarded with our firm, we aim to start processing payroll as quickly as within a week. Our experts will schedule time with you to go over all required documents to get the process started.  

Does FACT Professional, Inc. help with setting up 401(k) plans, CalSavers, or other Retirement plans? 

Our firm partners with financial advisors to ensure you are setting up the best plan for your business, yourself, and your employees. We will go over the assorted options, so you have the right information to make a strong decision for your company. However, it doesn’t stop there, FACT Professional, Inc. will continue supporting you in making the necessary deductions and alterations to your retirement plans.  

Does FACT Professional, Inc. help with Workers’ Compensation Setup & Audits? 

We have partnered with Insurance providers for new companies who need Workers’ Compensation to provide a smooth process.  

Our payroll experts fully prepare and file your company’s Workers’ Compensation audits. We keep the entire process in-house and will ask you relevant questions to keep your Workers’ Compensation Insurance at a reasonable rate.  

Does your payroll processing include health insurance setup? 

FACT Professional, Inc. has partnered with health insurance specialists who will coordinate with our office to set up your health insurance plans. Our office will coordinate with these specialists to calculate and deduct health insurance accurately within the payroll process. The health insurance specialists will coordinate with you and your team to find the most suitable health insurance options.  

What if I give my employees Bonuses & Benefits? 

If you provide employees with additional bonuses & benefits this information should be shared with our office. Once received, we will handle setting up and correctly paying out the benefits to your employees.  

Can I pay independent contractors through your company? 

Yes, our payroll systems are set up to pay both your employees as well as any outsider service or independent contractors you may have. By centralizing this payroll system your company will have more visibility of your labor costs. Our firm will handle the processing and distribution of the end-of-the-year 1099 & 1096 forms for your independent contractors.