Influencer (Artist) Services

As a content creator accounting and tax filing are not your priority. You are working hard to be creative, relevant to your followers, and up-to-date on trends. Having a firm that understands your industry and takes care of the numbers in the background helps you stay focused on what is important.  

FACT Professional, Inc. is a full-service CPA firm in Los Angeles. We have a diverse team with a wide range of skills and knowledge to keep the process straightforward and manageable. Our goal is to work with you to help you create structure and grow as an influencer.  

Our specialized accountants advise influencers on how to handle their business and financial matters. For a set monthly fee, we will take care of everything from filing your taxes, providing advice, creating your corporation, processing payroll, etc.  

As an influencer do I need to make a corporation? 

If you have just started out it may not be beneficial to create a corporation. You can still claim expenses under your individual tax return while you are building as an influencer. Many professionals may suggest creating a corporation from the beginning. However, when you are just starting out, and funds are tight it is critical to put your cash towards what matters.  

You can set up a call with our firm to go over your needs and see if you are at the right stage in your career to require a corporation.  

Are influencers considered self-employed? 

Influencers are considered self-employed, and if you are on Youtube or other platforms that are monetized you may be receiving a 1099NEC or 1099K that is already reporting your income to the government.  

What expenses can I claim as an influencer/content creator? 

Within our influencer package, we will go over organizing your expenses and claiming the appropriate deductions.  

You can claim travel, clothing, production expenses, auto expenses, etc. as long as they are considered reasonable business expenses. Before you decide to make a large purchase, it is best to very with our office if it is an expense that will mitigate your taxes.  

Do I have to come into the FACT Professional, Inc. office to discuss my accounting? 

Our firm is all about flexibility and saving time. While we always enjoy meeting clients in person, you have the option to book an in-person or a video appointment.