Income Tax Resolution

Once you have an income tax issue arise it can affect your life. Getting a notice from the IRS is scary and having the right firm helping you is critical. FACT Professional, Inc. has expert income tax accountants who are geared to resolving your income tax audit or tax debt relief issues. If you have unfiled tax returns, overdue tax payments, installment agreement issues, require an offer in compromise, or any other tax resolution issues our firm is here to help. 

Not resolving your income taxes can lead to some of the following issues:  

  • Heavy Tax Levies & Liens 
  • Filing of Criminal Charges and/or Potential Imprisonment  
  • Rescinding your passport 
  • Suspension of Some Licenses 

What is the process? 

Once you have signed up with our income tax resolution/debt relief service we will start by collecting information to get the full picture of your tax issues. Once we have consolidated all the information, we will request the IRS and state governments to hold off on applying liens and levies to your account as we are actively working on the case.  

After running a full assessment, FACT Professional, Inc. will apply the following steps (as applicable):  

  • Prepare and file missing Federal & State Income Tax Returns 
  • Setup income tax payments (if funds are available) 
  • Request release of tax levies/liens 
  • Setup Installment Agreements 
  • Setup Offer in Compromise 

How do I know if it is a payroll tax, sales tax, or income tax issue? 

If you have received notices from the government these should be sent to our office once, you have hired us to support you in income tax debt relief.  

Our office will collect and sort the notices to understand if you have a payroll tax, sales tax, or income tax-related issue.  

How long will it take to resolve the income tax issues? 

Once you have signed up with our office for Income Tax Resolution, we will start the process and collection of information right away. However, if the IRS or state government delay processing your information, this process may take longer. Most cases take 3 – 12 months to resolve. Throughout this time frame, our tax debt relief specialists will keep you updated on the status and next steps.  

Can I get an installment agreement for my past income taxes issues? 

If you don’t have the cash flow to pay your income taxes, we can set up an installment agreement. This installment agreement will allow you to pay a fixed monthly amount until the tax liability is paid in full.  

Why should you work with a professional to resolve income tax debt issues? 

If left unresolved income tax issues can become serious. Having an experienced income tax accountant on your side will help resolve these issues, reduce or waive penalties and find a quicker resolution.