How to Use Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN)

If you are dealing with identity theft or are concerned about your security, we highly recommend getting
an IP PIN was issued.

The Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN) is a 6-digit number that stops another person from filing an income
tax return using your Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).
This wipes out the chances of a fraudulent tax return being filed for yourself, your spouse, or your

The IP PIN is issued to you by the IRS every year via a mailed notice in January. This number is only
known to you and the IRS. Every year you are enrolled in the IP PIN program you will receive a new IP
PIN via a letter.

How can I obtain an IP PIN?

IP PINs can be requested through the IRS website. You may have to verify your identity or create
an account with the IRS.

What if I lost my IP PIN?

If you lose your IP PIN can request it through the portal or call the IRS to obtain the number again. While
it may take 2 – 5 hours, it can still be pulled from their records. Retrieving or reissuing your IP PIN can be done through the IRS portal.

Can I get an IP PIN for my dependent/spouse?

Unfortunately, fraudulent returns are being filed for many dependents of taxpayers. If this has
happened once it is likely for it to happen again. Therefore, you should obtain an IP PIN for your spouse or dependents if there is any suspicion of fraud.

How much does it cost to obtain the IP PIN?

There is no cost to obtaining the IP PIN. It is a free service from the IRS.

Can FACT Professional obtain the IP PIN for me?

Unfortunately, we cannot obtain the IP PIN on your behalf because the process requires verifying
aspects of your own identity.

Can I file my tax return without an IP PIN?

Once you have enrolled in the program it is mandatory to file your income tax return with the IP PIN 6-
digit number.

Without the IP PIN:

  • If e-filing your return it will be rejected and you won’t be able to e-file
  • If paper filing your tax return it will be subject to added screenings to confirm your identity. This
    could significantly delay the process.

Why is my tax preparer is asking for an IP PIN?

Your Tax Preparer requires your IP PIN annually, as a new number is issued annually. They require this
IP PIN to file your income tax return.

Will the IRS ask me for my IP PIN?

The IRS will never ask for your IP PIN. If you receive a phone call, text message, email, or another form of
communication requesting your IP PIN disregard and report it. It is a scammer trying to obtain
information from you.

If this has happened to you or a loved one see instructions from the IRS on how to Report Phishing and
Online Scams